Iron Sharpens Iron: Superlek & Sam-A Train Together to Prepare for Their Upcoming Fights

Superstars Superlek and Sam-A train together at the Yokkao Training Center in Bangkok to prepare for their upcoming fights. In a case of iron sharpening iron, the two Muay Thai stars are in the middle of making sure that they are at their best when they face their respective foes this month.

The timing for training together couldn’t have come at a better time for both legends. Philip Villa, Yokkao’s founder, notes that “Superlek and Sam-A coming together to train is significant. They are both at the highest level in Muay Thai in terms of knowledge and skills and that makes them perfect as training partners”.

However, their career trajectory has not been quite the same as of late. Superlek is perhaps at the peak of his career as he recently won the ONE Championship World Flyweight Kickboxing title. He will try to top that by defending the title against fellow superstar Rodtang Jitmuangnon at ONE Fight Night 8 on March 24.

On the other hand, Sam-A is on a mission to recapture his glory days. Even though he is not yet past his best, Sam-A still wants another crack at the top. He is currently on a winning streak that he intends to keep going when he returns to fight Irishman Ryan Sheehan at ONE Lumpinee 9 on March 17.

The two modern Muay Thai legends do share some history, having fought twice before. Their first meeting was at the historic Lumpinee Stadium in 2013, when 17-year-old Superlek faced Sam-A, then an already-established superstar. Sam-A’s edge in experience was simply too much and the much younger Superlek succumbed to defeat.

They met for the second time in an immediate rematch, this time at the Rajadamnern Stadium, but the results were pretty much the same. Sam-A once again emerged victorious, using his experience and considerable skills to defeat Superlek once more. 

The two went on separate ways and both achieved more titles and accolades along the way. This time, however, Superlek and Sam-A are teaming up so that their double victories are guaranteed.



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