The Brand


YOKKAO is a Thai word for "WHITE JADE" that represents your STRENGTH and CONNECTIONS with others.

This stone is known for aiding the mind to remain calm when facing challenges.

The Brand


YOKKAO is the most REVOLUTIONARY brand in the MUAY THAI and boxing industry.

Since its inception in 2010, YOKKAO has established itself as a market for EXCELLENCE in design and marketing for fight gear and attire in the MUAY THAI world.

YOKKAO blends TRADITIONAL MUAY THAI gear and fightwear with the latest, FASHIONABLE designs.

The Brand


Led by its founder, martial arts practitioner PHILIP VILLA, the company is known for its FASHION-FORWARD FIGHT GEAR.A decade on, YOKKAO has left its mark in every aspect of the discipline.

Its ALL-ROUNDED OPERATIONS cover all things such as fight international promotions, seminars, MUAY THAI Training Centers, partnerships with world renowned athletes and more.

The Brand


The cultural background both of the brand and the founder’s roots allows the rich TRADITIONS OF MUAY THAI to meet the fashion sensibility of ITALIAN DESIGN and manufacturing HERITAGE.

Indeed the brand is made up of core team members belonging both to thailand and italy.this gives a DISTINCTIVE IDENTITY to YOKKAO through the fusion and influence of two vastly different cultures.

The Community

Official Events

YOKKAO is much more than simply an equipment and clothing company: it is the EXPRESSION OF DISCIPLINE, community and culture.

That’s why the brand also encompasses seminars, global events, The YOKKAO TRAINING CENTER IN BANGKOK , and specific events for kids. YOKKAO's 360-degree operations are unprecedented in the history of MUAY THAI.

The Community

Official Events

One of the main assets that the brand has in order to export this meaningful background is the promotion of the renowed YOKKAO EVENTS.

From the first YOKKAO EXTREME in 2012, the brand has established itself in the fighting business and as a competition organizer, with 90 events on its resume.

The Community

The Concept

One of the YOKKAO’S leading principles is the concept of COMMUNITY.

This word related to the brand makes sense in both the global and the local scale: thanks to the key role in the championship event organization and the media content provided for its followers, YOKKAO draws the GUIDELINE for the MUAY THAI community worldwide.

When asked about his inspiration for a brand that fuses two unlikely genres: fashion and streetwear, the YOKKAO founder says: "I have observed how many streetwear brands started from different communities. Streetwear refers to a clothing style that takes inspiration from existing subcultures, and I believe that the Fight community has one of its own."

The Community

The Training Centre

YOKKAO TRAINING CENTER BANGKOK was elected as the focal point of the segment on MUAY THAI, solidifying the brand’s place as one of the best facilities for training MUAY THAI in thailand.

In downtown bankok, YOKKAO’S training facility has seen domestic and FOREIGN CELEBRITIES dropping by to experience the thrill themselves.

The gym was also used as a backdrop by filming crew from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC , wall street journal and cnn who showcased YOKKAO in their DOCUMENTARY programs.

The Community


The training centre is the expression of the brand’s strong will for being ACTIVE IN THE EDUCATION and support of the discipline, which is seen as a medium for expressing of the Thai culture such as MUAY THAI VALUES AND IDEALS of respect for the others and personal growth.

The Community

The Fight Team

The brand’s participation in the training, the events and the fighting community culminates with the creation of the YOKKAO fight team.

With more than 800 FIGHTERS participating, the brand showcases the best fighters of every category.

This is extremely INNOVATIVE IN THE SPORTS/BRAND RELATIONSHIPS: it is the equivalent of a sports brand detaining a soccer of a basketball team whilst achieving the highest competition achievements.

The Community

Yokkao Factory

The training center provides an environment where both champions and amateurs are able to refine the discipline; showing how the brand is active on a LOCAL scale.

At the same time, YOKKAO is running a factory in thailand where all the gears and equipment are HAND-CRAFTED by Thai workers. the business is structured to create a number of workplaces and cater to necessitous environment.

Motivated and made possible by the SUPPORT OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY in signifying as a voice to a natural and pure expression of genuine MUAY THAI values, for the fighters ,enthusiast or the potential customers.

“As the founder of a Thai brand, I have a social responsibility to give back, and I make sure the brand prioritizes gyms in Thailand. Supporting the local Thai gyms is something that I have always done behind the scenes, but I decided that we will start to show some of our initiatives to our community" - Philip Villa


The Starting Point

YOKKAO’S plans has always been to revolutionize the MUAY THAI world since day one.

Its VISION is to combine combat sports with fitness and fashion under one brand name with a new lifestyle concept. this is apparent in the brand’s trending fight gear designs and s t r e e t w e a r - i n s p i r e d apparel.

The brand's LIFESTYLE COLLECTION is now expanding with new products such as caps, water bottles, hip bags and facemasks.


Milan FW 2021

YOKKAO announced that it will debut at MILAN FASHION WEEK where it will launch its f/w 2021 collection.

The sportswear collection will feature the culmination of a FULL APPAREL COLLECTION project started two years ago in italy.

The core of this project is lead by young italian designers, the yokkao team in thailand and YOKKAO's founder.



Always a front-runner in the thai boxing industry with fightgear designs as well as novel ideas. YOKKAO’S upcoming f/w 2021 collection launch at the milan fashion week is yet another revolutionary development.

When YOKKAO debuts the collection at f/w milan fashion week, it will mark the first ever THAI BOXING BRAND to become a part of milan’s FASHION COMMUNITY.

The event marks a leap forward for YOKKAO, and also for the Thai boxing industry, bridging the gap between the strikingly different worlds of fight sports and fashion.

“After working to successfully create an integrated community in the fight industry, we are prepared to expand the brand to new heights . We are using a sportswear design approach with a color and graphics twist on classics items for the apparel and accessories collection. This project will leave a positive impact by spreading MUAY THAI culture worldwide.”- Philip Villa.

The Brand


For its relationship with the actual community and its aim to EXPORT ITS VALUES, YOKKAO is the most proper expression of the thai culture's martial arts and spiritual allure.

That, not just because it is captivating, but because the brand is DEEPLY ROOTED IN THAT CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT from the local to the global scale, constantly giving voice to a contemporary and spiritual expression.