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Training Schedules

Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the official camp of the YOKKAO fight team. It is where Muay Thai legends like Saenchai and Singdam train on a daily basis. The YOKKAO camp is also home to many of our renowned trainers and fighters.

Since opening in 2016, the YOKKAO training camp has rapidly built itself up as a renowned site for Muay Thai training. With the best fighters and trainers, topped with authentic Muay Thai training, it is visited daily by Muay Thai fans from all over the world.

At YOKKAO Training Center, our focus is on delivering the best Muay Thai training in an authentic setting. Our gym caters to a mixture of levels from beginners to advanced students and we strive to give attention to our fighters and all visitors alike.

Our Muay Thai training center hires the best trainers in the industry who oversee the training of the YOKKAO Fight Team as well as visiting guests. Our dedicated trainers take great pride in making sure that visitors get the most out of their training at the gym. We do our best to make sure everyone who drops in improves from their training here.

We cater to all levels and training needs with high energy group sessions as well as intimate 1-to-1 private training with all of its champion fighters.

Located just 5 minutes walk away from the sky train station, it is the most convenient spot in the city to drop-in for a session of world-class, authentic Muay Thai training. To become the best, train with the best. Book your training or drop in and experience the best Muay Thai training experience in Bangkok.