Muay Thai Boxing Liniment - Nammuay Muay Thail Oil 450 ml



Muay Thai oil or kickboxing oil, as it's commonly known, first began in Thailand designed for easing aches and pains originating from training martial arts like Muay Thai. Stressed muscles is a common occurrence resulting from the intensity of training contact sports, Muay Thai oil eases pain, reduces swelling and is designed to help with warming up and cooling down.


Muay Thai Oil Warm-Up

Apply Muay Thai Oil prior to warming up. Rub directly on muscles, this helps sooth and prepare them for intense work outs. Originating in Muay Thai, Muay Thai Oil applications has since expanded and is used by all major sports.

From soccer and gymnastics to snowboarding and mountaineering, each sports put varying strain and pains on your muscles .. it comes with the territory. Muay Thai oil can be applied prior to each training sesh/game/activity, created not only for pre-sport but post as well. Composed of materials that allow the skin to breath, application creates a warming sensation that refreshes the skin pores directly impacting muscle relaxation and recovery.


Muay Thai Oil Uses

Muay Thai Oil applications can vary greatly, notably it is a very efficient method of giving localized pain relief,  reducing muscle spasms, and boosting injury/bruising healing times. Produced from mostly organic sources the key ingredient, the wintergreen plant.


Tiger Balm can be used to supplement Muay Thai Oil, but it’s application is more directly applies to muscle nerves while Muay Thai Oil covers broader muscle groups, nerves and ligaments. The most common application zones for Tiger Balm is the temples, the foreheads third eye and at the base of the neck. This boosts blood flow by warming the pores reducing more the mental headaches and symptoms like stress. Muay Thai Oil is too strong of a remedy to be used on the head.

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